Farm Estate & Business Planning – NEW 19th Edition – March 2016


19th Edition
by Dr. Neil E. Harl
Published March 2016

Written with minimum legal jargon and numerous examples, this book is suitable for all levels of people associated with farms and ranches, from farm and ranch families to lenders and farm managers. Some lawyers and accountants circulate the book to clients as an early step in the planning process. We invite you to begin your farm and ranch estate and business planning with this book and help save your hard-earned assets for your children.

Soft Cover – 8.25 x 5.5 inches, 496 pages

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The Agricultural Law Press is honored to publish the completely revised and updated 19th Edition of Dr. Neil E. Harl’s excellent guide for farmers and ranchers who want to make the most of the state and federal income and estate tax laws to assure the least expensive and most efficient transfer of their estates to their children and heirs.

The 19th Edition includes 2015 income and estate tax legislation and 2015-16 developments.

This book contains detailed advice on assuring worry-free retirement years, using wills, trusts, insurance and outside investments as estate planning tools, ways to save on estate settlement costs, and an approach to setting up a plan that will eliminate arguments and friction in the family. Federal estate taxation has undergone great changes in recent years and this book sorts out these changes for you in a concise manner. FEBP also includes discussion of employment taxes, formation and advantages of use of business entities, federal farm payments, state laws on corporate ownership of farm land, federal gift tax law, annuities, installment obligations, charitable deductions, all with an eye to the least expensive and most efficient transfer of the farm to heirs.

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