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Dr. Neil E. Harl

Dr. Harl is a nationally recognized expert on taxation, estate planning, business planning, and agricultural law and has given over 3,300 seminars in 43 states since 1964.  He is the Charles F. Curtiss, Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Emeritus Professor of Economics at Iowa State University, and a member of the Iowa Bar. Dr. Harl is author of the 14 volume treatise, Agricultural Law, the two volume Farm Income Tax Manual, the one volume Agricultural Law Manual and over 800 articles on agricultural law.  He is also the co-author of the Tax Management portfolio: Harl, “Taxation of Farm Income.” Dr. Harl was an organizer and first President of the American Agricultural Law Association and received the AALA Distinguished Service Award in 1984.  He has received more than 30 major awards including the Charles A. Black Award from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology in 1997 for effectiveness in communicating with the public and the Award for Distinguished Service to American and World Agriculture, by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, in 2006. He has also served as President of the American Agricultural Economics Association and President of the American Agricultural Economics Foundation.
Dr. Harl has served on seven federal commissions or advisory committees, including service for seven years by Congressional appointment to the Office of Technology Assessment, Technical Assistance Advisory Committee, and chaired that group in 1993-94.  He also served on the 16-member Commissioner’s Advisory Group, Internal Revenue Service, in 1979-80; the Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology in 1999-2001; and the Commission on Federal Payment Limitations in 2003. He has spoken widely with more than 3300 speaking appearances in 43 states and 19 foreign countries.

Robert P. Achenbach, Jr., J.D.

Robert Achenbach, JR. J.D. has been the editor for Dr. Harl’s treatise, Agricultural Law, for over 31 years and is currently the Executive Director of the American Agricultural Law Association and Chief Administrative Officer and Managing Editor of the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation.