Agricultural Tax Seminars


by Dr. Neil E. Harl

Two day seminar on Farm Estate and Business Planning and Farm Income Tax.

These seminars are designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive and practical understanding of major agricultural tax issues.

Dr. Neil E. Harl is a nationally recognized expert on taxation, estate planning, business planning, and agricultural law and has given over 3,400 seminars in 43 states and 17 foreign countries since 1959.  He is the Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, where he is now Emeritus Professor of Economics, and a member of the Iowa Bar. Dr. Harl is author of the 14 volume treatise, Agricultural Law, the two volume Farm Income Tax Manual, the one volume Agricultural Law Manual, the 18th Edition of Farm Estate and Business Planning,  and over 800 articles on agricultural law.  He is also the author of the Tax Management portfolio: Harl, “Taxation of Farm Income.” Dr. Harl has received numerous awards as a scholar and teacher and for distinguished service to agriculture.

2017 Seminar Schedule



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